Back to School

Back to School

The Critical Need for Your Support

The education situation in refugee hosting communities presents significant challenges and complexities. The influx of refugees places immense pressure on the already fragile educational infrastructure, resources, and capabilities of these communities. Some of the facets of the education situation are as follows:

Limited Access & Resources Shortage:

Many children and youth face barriers in accessing quality education. Limited school facilities, insufficient teachers, overcrowded classrooms, can impede their enrollment and attendance.

Quality of Education:

Inadequate resources, outdated curriculum, and limited teacher training can impact the quality of education available to both refugee and host community students. 

Gender Disparities

Refugee girls often face additional barriers to education, including cultural norms, early marriage, and gender-based violence. Ensuring equal access and promoting girls’ education is vital for their empowerment and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Long-term Impact

Education has a lasting impact on individuals, families, and communities. By supporting back-to-school campaigns, you invest in the future generation, positively influencing their lives for years to come. The impact of education extends far beyond the immediate moment, shaping individuals’ abilities, careers, and overall well-being. It’s the main pillar of sustainable development for communities.

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Your donation will directly contribute to the education and well-being of underprivileged children. Your contribution will support initiatives including:

  • Student sponsorship and scholarships
  • Educational resources
  • School supplies and infrastructure
  • Teacher training programs. 


How do donations make a difference?

Your donation directly contributes to the education and well-being of children in need. Your contribution will support the initiatives mentioned above.

How can I donate?

You can donate to İnsanca Yardım Vakfı through money transfer using your bank applications or online at our website.

Which country do your donations go to?

Your donations will be distributed mainly to students in Türkiye.
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