Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains Frequently Asked Questions


Who We Are?

Insanca, a non-profit organisation based in Turkey, with the mission of uplifting the lives of individuals and refugees through the development and implementation of programs that benefit both the refugee and host communities.

What Do We Do?

Our work follows an integrated approach, encompassing both humanitarian aid provision, and the implementation of sustainable development solutions. Through this approach, we aim to empower communities and foster their self-sufficiency.

What Are Our Projects?

Our humanitarian aid programs are designed to address the basic needs of communities in crisis including; food security and livelihood, education, protection, health and nutrition, water, sanitation, and hygiene. By addressing these necessary needs, we aim to foster resilience and alleviate suffering of those living the crises. 
In addition, Stemming from our belief that positive impact should be long-lasting and self-sustaining, we developed programs that focus on women empowerment, entrepreneurship,capacity building and vocational training. By adopting sustainable practices, we aim to break dependency cycles, address crisis drivers, and cultivate resilient communities capable of thriving in adversity.

Which Regions Do We Primarily Operate?

Presently, we operate in eight diverse countries, namely Turkey, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Pakistan.

How Can You Contribute to Our Projects?

You have the option to make a donation through our website using your debit or credit card. Additionally, you can contribute via a bank transfer.

How Do We Ensure Transparency and Accountability in Our Work?

Visit our Accountability and Transparency page to know how we spend our funds and your donations.

Do We Have Volunteer Opportunities Available?

Yes, we have volunteer opportunities available! You can find all the details and available positions on our volunteer opportunities page.